DRAW 'N' LEARN                         

                                                                  DISCOVER THE HIDDEN ARTIST IN YOU!          

It’s time to be creative! It’s time to have fun! It’s time to make new friends…IT’S TIME TO DRAW ‘N’ LEARN!

Draw 'n' Learn was founded in 2008  by Nutan Shukla  in the heart of  Pilbara, Western Australia. It has been much loved and greatly supported by both students and parents of the Pilbara  ever since . At Draw 'n' Learn, we do our best to provide families in our community with a highly informative and innovative drawing program for their kids.

Today, Draw 'n' Learn is successfully running different sessions per week at Karratha Family Centre, Dampier Hub, Welcome Lotteries House and Karratha Leisureplex.

Thank you to our lovely community for all the love and support!

How  Draw ‘n’ Learn motivates students to improve Reading and Writing Skills:

Draw ‘n’ Learn motivates its students  to practice reading and handwriting by adding drawing to its lessons. It isn't hard to teach basic reading and writing skills — the challenge is to motivate children to practice carefully and regularly.

Draw ‘n’ Learn lessons are based upon certain ideas:


* Drawing is an activity that children love to welcome

* Drawing a picture inspires creativity and proves to be a great writing prompt

* Drawing is a basic form of communication - it is a fundamental part of language arts that helps children     improve their reading skills   

All about Draw ‘n’ Learn style of writing:

Draw ‘n’ Learn prefers Victorian style of handwriting.

Victorian & Victorian Link